Short Takes: December 2022

RIP Doddie Weir

I begin this takes with the news that Scotland Rugby legend George “Doddie” Weir has lost his battle with Motor Neurone Disease, at the age of 52. He was described as a gentle giant off the field, but was a warrior on it. I have seen some archive highlights of games and his power and presence are immense, and is an inspiration to many who followed. I remember his diagnosis being covered during the Six Nations a few years ago, and the creation of his foundation trying to find a cure, and supporting those suffering. A sporting treasure who will be sorely missed. Rest well, Laddie.

“CaNcEl CuLtUrE cAnCeLlEd GiNgErBrEaD mEn!” Boo Fucking Hoo.

It’s that time of year when the anti-“Leftie Snowflake” brigade get their feelings hurt again. The latest so-called “cancel culture” are complaining that the term “gingerbread men” has been replaced with “gingerbread people”. Considering there is not a gingerbread penis is sight, the ambiguous nature of person is inoffensive, unless you are an over-grown anti-liberal man-child…. Sorry, I meant “Adult-Child”…

Wishing ultra-endurance cyclist Tegan Phillips a speedy recovery

South African rider Tegan Phillips has been hospitalized just 2 days into her attempt to be the first woman to complete, and therefore set a record, for Cairo-Cape Town, the unsupported riding challenge across Africa. Tegan, 30, suffered seizures and heat stroke just 155km into her attempt, believed to be caused by low blood sodium from a low-grade infection, or an undiscovered adrenal condition preventing salt retention not picked up from her intensive training rides. She is going to have extensive tests back home to find out the cause, and to prevent it from happening in the future. She hopes to have another crack in February, providing all her tests give positive signs.
Wishing you a speedy recovery and best of luck for your next attempt, Tegan!

The Adidas Cycling Hijab – A Great Move

Quite often, the barriers between sports and Arabic/South Asian women have prevented growth and inclusivity in the industry. Sports clothing can often seem too revealing or risque for Asian women to be comfortable and discourages their demographic from participation. However, in recent times, some sportswear brands have begun to introduce products that help break down these barriers. The Rio Olympics in 2016 saw an American athlete perform with a generic sports-specific hijab for the first time, along with a few other athletes from around the world sharing the stage like never before. At the time there were none that were cycling specific, but this move by Adidas is a game changer for girls around the world.

Some Kunt’s a sore loser.

Actions speak louder than words, so the proverb goes. Judging by an inflammatory post released on social media earlier this week, rebel musos The Kunts are still pretty upset at missing out on Christmas No.1 to internet duo LadBaby. Mark and Roxanne Hoyle, the two masterminds behind the LadBaby channel, broke records over several years by releasing sausage roll themed parody singles on behalf of foodbank charity The Trussell Trust, claiming 4 consecutive Christmas No.1s in the process. The last two years Kunt released “Boris Johnson is A Fucking Cunt” (2020) and “Boris Johnson is Still A Fucking Cunt” (2021), both of which only managed to chart at no.5. For some reason, Kunt seems to have taken offence to LadBaby’s achievements and have snapped “lyrics in progress” of a song that is rather unsavoury towards the Hoyles and their achievements. Talk about sour grapes?

Strep A: Be Alert, and Stay Safe!

Winter 2022/2023 is upon us, and fresh out of a COVID pandemic, another contagious health concern is growing in the UK. There has been an alarming increase in Streptococcus A infections, which causes Scarlet Fever, and has lead to the deaths of at least 8 children since September. Strep A is easily treatable with antibiotics, and complications are rare. But please be vigilant for the symptoms, and follow any health advice given to you.

What a Pain in the Ear!

Some residents in the village of Holmfield, West Yorkshire, have found themselves plagued with a low constant humming sound for the last few years. This noise, which registers at the bottom of the audio frequencies (between 10 and 200 Hz), is a constant misery for the handful of residents that can hear it. Scientists have measured that the sound is definitely there, and it is making a misery of livelihoods for anyone who hears it, especially when other background noise dissipates. Despite efforts from the local council, the source of the noise cannot be found. Hopefully someone can find the source of “The Hum”, and a solution to fix the problem along with it.

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