Short Takes – November 2022

“The heat sent us mad” – Boris Johnson

Disgraced ex-PM Boris Johnson made an appearance at the COP27 climate meeting, talking about the unprecidented heatwave that hit the UK last summer. During his speech, however, he joked that the record 40 degree temperatures seen in London was possibly the reason for “unexpected political turmoil”. Had he left out that quip, he might have actually sounded meaningful for the first time in his political career. Instead, he tried to make light of multiple scandals (all of shich showing utter contempt for the Public and the Law) followed by a disastrous change of leadership in which one of the most exclusive clubs decided that an incompetent nobody was up to the task of running the country. Just give up and go home, BoJo.

What a Twit!

So, Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was confirmed, followed by mass sackings, pictures of staff sleeping on the office floor and a mass exodus of celebrities and other users. No surprise. Twitter already had a hard time weeding out hate speech that was disguising itself as free speech. Now it has someone in charge who actively promotes such bile. Not to mention, he has shown exactly how he has made such a vast fortune: Exploitation. I’m glad I stopped using the platform ages ago.

*Whilst gathering more content for this, Musk has reinstated Donald Trump’s account. Muks’s critics have projected a description of him on the side of the Twitter HQ building, such as “Corrupt”, “Space Karen” and “Worthless Billionaire”

You Do You, Fripp.

Robert Fripp and Toyah Wilcox’s Sunday Lunch recital videos are still coming out with their full-on hijinks and raunchy costumes. A lot of King Crimson fans have taken a dislike to guitarrist Fripp’s weekly YouTube series, but in his own words, he doesn’t give a fuck. And rightly so. Their latest cover, of The Cramps’ “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?” is an intriguing and entertaining take on the 1985 hit. The couple are clearly having fun and that’s all that matters. They are also on tour in autumn 2023 in the UK, bringing their Sunday Lunch theatrics to the stage. Might get a pair of tickets for myself and my wife.

Somebody’s in a bit of a Pringle…

The UK franchise of snack maker Pringles landed in a little hot water following a typo in posters for their new Multi-grain snacks. In order to laugh off the error, and to ensure cutomers get the right information, they have released a promotional video on their website and advertising platforms, titled Multi-GRAIN, not Multi-GRAN. I am relieved to announce no dear old ladies were harmed in the making of the product, and the advertising campaign.

World Cup Fever, or Farce? (07/11)

Normally, with just 2 weeks to go until the biggest individual global sporting event, the party atmosphere and excitement that usually explodes seems non-existent. The controversial FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been grabbing headlines, for all the wrong reasons. The country’s migrant worker death toll during construction varies vastly depending on the source, the country’s human rights and LGBTQ+ stance has always been an argument for opposition from the beginning, and it’s timing in the middle of most countries’ domestic seasons have caused major concerns as star players are set to miss out through minor injury. Add in the fan accommodation being flat pack containers, it’s all a bit Nazi youth camp. Even Blatter has come out and admitted awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was a mistake.

Iran’s team show the way to protest.

The Iranian Men’s Football Team refused to sing the National Anthem in protest against the current political regime’s treatment of women, further putting global pressure on the Government in Tehran. Fans also joined the boycott by booing and jeering as the anthem played in the stadium in their opening match against England, in a show of solidarity for the women and young girls risking everything fighting their oppression in the country. Following the farcical statement from 7 European Nations withdrawing their promise to wear “One Love” pro-LGBTQ+ Captain’s Armbands after FIFA threatened them with encouraging referees to issue Yellow Cards for offenders, it’s nice to see Iran showing how public displays of dissent should be done.

More Catterpillar Cake shenanigans!

‘Tis the season of goodwill and good roasting, apparently. Aldi’s new festive advert has a little easter egg that makes a cheeky dig at rivals M&S over the Colin vs Cuthbert catterpilar cake row. In a nod to the World Cup, Kevin the Carrot is watching a football match on TV, but if you look closely in the top corner of his screen, you will see the scores read CUTH 1-0 COL, with the team colours being Cuthbert with Aldi’s blue, yellow, red and black, and Colin with M&S’s black and white from their chequered displays. I would wonder what Wendy’s twitter would say, but as above, I have lost all interest in the platform.

Heppy Retirement, Sebastian Vettel!

4x Formula 1 World Champion hung up his helmet after a career spannning 16 years. Whilst I wasn’t a fan of him during his RB days, his presence and his activism have been a huge force for good during his time in the paddock, and will be sorely missed. Danke Seb!

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