Short Takes: October 2022 (Part 2)

Is it a speed camera? Is it a bird box?

A resident fed up of constant speeding on his road has installed a bird box on the edge of his front garden… that looks like a speed camera. As the installation is on his own property, and is not signposted as a speed camera, it is technically legal. But it has ruffled a few feathers on social media, including one person moaning about slowing down. Perhaps if the tit didn’t speed in the first place he wouldn’t be in that situation! Personally, I think it’s a good idea. Even if nobody ends up in front of a Beak, at least the Police didn’t have to foot the Bill for it’s installation!

Who’s next for the Downing Street Merry-Go-Round? (20th Oct)

Names are already flying around in the new Tory leadership race, with the last two runners up Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt the bookies favourite to get the job that gives them the keys to No. 10. Somewhat lower on the list but apparently with support both former premiers Theresa May and Boris Johnson are being touted for a sensational return to Downing Street. Whilst none of them serve up an excting prospect, you kind of feel Sunak could very well be vindicated for his prediciton of Truss’s economic plan. Whether or not his plan would fare better remains to be seen.

UPDATE – After all other candidates dropped out, Rishi Sunak has become Prime Minister by default. Whilst market confidence has shored up and stabilised over the consensus that he would win, a return towards austerity is not entirely welcome. He was the best option from a bad bunch, but that’s not really saying much.

Rocket Ronnie should hang up his cue.

Record breaking snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan caued a stir in his latest interview following his shock second round defeat at the NI Open. He said the game had become “an emotionless type job” and “I quit mentally about eight years ago and I just take what I can from the sport.”

Another inspiring Women’s Sport Story

Following the women’s rights turmoil that has engulfed Afghanistan after the Taliban regained control of the country, Switzerland recently stepped in and hosted the women’s National Cycling Championships. The winner, 19 year old Fariba Hashimi has also secured her first professional cycling contract, with Israel-PremierTech-Roland. Her sister, Yulduz, has also signed for the team’s development squad. Chapeau to Switzerland for their generosity in hosting this race, and to the participants, who now all live outside their country of birth.

Harrison Ford to join MCU

Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is set to replace the late William Hurt as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in the 2024 due release of Captain America: New World Order.

BBC in trouble over Durdle Door stunt for Doctor Who

The Lulworth Estate, which owns the land on which the iconic Durdle Door sits amongst the Jurassic Coastline, have hit out at the BBC for its dishonest application for permission to film the location for the Doctor Who Centenery Special, in which the 13th Doctor regenerates atop the cliff. The clip was shot with Whittaker and the TARDIS filmed from a green screen superimposed onto drone footage of the Durdle Door. The BBC asked permission to film on the estate without suggesting that anybody would be pictured, virtually or otherwise, on the historical and geological attraction. The Estate have claimed they would have denied the request on public safety grounds had they known this was to take place; with members of the public likely trying to imitate the scene and putting themselves in danger.

The (Ford) Fiesta’s Over?

Rumours are circulating that the popular small hatchback the Ford Fiesta is to be axed after 46 years. As Ford moves towards full electrification, the rumours follow a spokesperson quoted as saying; “Ford is changing and we are looking at all possibilities for our future portfolio of all-electric vehicles.”. This would leave a huge hole in their line-up as the Mondeo saloon has already been ditched, and the Focus range of large hatchbacks, sedans and estates are due to cease production next year.

Another case of Bad Apples?

Apple Inc SVPs Greg Joswiak and Craig Federighi have confirmed that their products will need to comply with EU regulations for USB-C charging ports by 2024, but are not happy about it. Their point about initial waste as thousands of Lightning Cable chargers become obsolete is valid, but considering they also force customers to regularly replace their hardware by constant new product upgrades and planned obsolescence of older products, it’s not much of a moral high ground to be standing on.

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