West Bromwich Albion Women making an important stand

West Bromwich Albion Women’s Team have announced that from now on, their players will no longer wear white shorts after consultation with the team.

This announcement means that the Women’s team will switch to navy shorts with immediate effect. All future home kits will also include navy shorts for the women’s teams, regardless of the colour of the men’s team shorts, which are currently also white. The decision has been made after consultation with the full playing squad. In a statement on the club website, Albion Women captain, Hannah George, said: “It’s great that the club are supporting our change to navy shorts. 
“Representing the club professionally and looking smart in the kit is really important to us. This change will help us to focus on our performance without added concerns or anxiety.”

Whilst such a move might seem long overdue, it highlights that there are still many obstacles facing womens sport in general that needs to be overcome. Both for participation and audience. But that does not mean that every step forward shouldn’t be celebrated. After all, this is a huge positive step when it comes to period awareness in sport. There is an ongoing concern between kit designers and professional athletes across a multitude of sports in an effort to combat period anxiety through wearing white clothing. Let’s hope all other women’s sports teams wearing white or pale colours follow suit in switching to darker clothing for their athlete’s legs. Well done, WBA Women.

The full statement on the Club website can be found below.


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