Short Takes: September 2022 part 2

Fake Bureau of Inciting a smear campaign? Fake news.

Following an FBI raid in his Mar-A-Lago home, former US President Donald Trump is claiming a smear campaign against him. However, I cannot help but wonder what he would have said if classified files had been found in a raid on a rival’s home as opposed to his own. He would no doubt be trying to drag Obama/Biden/Clinton et al to jail himself. I only hope his “victory” in his request for transparency backfires by revealing just how much dirt they have on him for what is essentially espionage and treason by obtaining and keeping such documents beyond his Presidential tenure.

What Were You Thinking?

The BBC and lead political correspondent Laura Keunnsberg dropped an absolute clanger for their new top political panel show. They wanted to do something different so somehow managed to try to cross Question Time with Mock The Week. The biggest problem here, is that they decided to let comedian-turned-public activist Joe Lycett loose on set, thinking he would be well behaved. And of course, all the right wingers were absolutely losing their shit when Lycett mocked them all by sarcastically, yet completely accurately portraying them. He is not contracted to the BBC and therefore not subject to their impartiality rules. What else did you expect from a man who legally changed his name to Hugo Boss in protest for a while? No wonder people are cancelling their TV licences in their droves.

If Monkeys could write Shakespeare, then they can ride a bike!

keepers at an Ukranian zoo were elated when an escaped chimpanzee was lured back to its habitat on the back of a colleague’s bike. They had gone out searching for Chichi who was found wandering in the heavily shelled streets of Kharkiv. The ecopark has suffered the loss of dozens of animals and six staff following attacks by invading Russian forces during evacuation attempts since April. Most surviving animals have been rehomed but many still remain at the park. Chichi’s story is a rare beacon of light in what is currently a very dark period for that region.

All Hail Hollywood’s Nice Guy

After a career full of setbacks, injuries,assaults and personal nightmares, Hollywood actor Brendan Fraser received a 6 minute standing ovation at the 79th Venice Film Festival screening of his post-retirement comeback movie The Whale, and has garnered attention from award committees back in California. No less that an amazing man and actor deserves.

Surely the Wurst Wedding Idea?

A couple have tied the knot with a PEPERAMI themed wedding. In a sponsored article on Viral Thread, Frankie Brooke-Fenton and Luke Hindmarch expressed their love for each other, and the meaty snack, by having a mascot, a green wedding dress, a Peperami cake, Peperami and Vegerami based menu, mini Peperami in the boquet… you get the idea. This has to be one of the craziest wedding themes I have ever come across, and whilst it is done well, it’s sertainly not to my taste. (All puns in this take are very much intended.)

Phil and Holly the Queue-Jumping…. Who cares?

This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were lambasted on Social Media for using their celebrity status to jump the queue of mourners at Westminster to view the coffin of Queen Elizabeth during the lie in wait period. Like family members and others of status and fame, the queue jumping was a completely valid thing for them to do, regardless of how well it sat with the public. Fair play to the ones who did wait with the common people, such as David Beckham. He didn’t have to do it but he wanted to. But to blast others for not doing so? Get over it. No doubt these are the same people flogging their wristbands on Ebay for £400+.

Do you even know the meaning of budget?

Liz Truss’s tenure has started with a bang. Her Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced an “emergency mini-budget” to try and solve the cost-of-living crisis and boost the economy… By slashing top rate taxes. Subject to parliamentary approval, the basic rate of income tax will be 19% and the third tier high earners rate of 45% is to be abolished. Government shortfalls are to be covered by borrowing more money. This is a tactic known as Trickle Down Economics, something which has failed in the past. This has led to a plummet in the value of the pound meaning it is more expensive to import into the UK, it increases the price of goods that are valued by the Dollar, and interest rates the Government will pay on its loans increases significantly too. Where did Kwarteng study basic economics? The University of Life on Facebook? Perhaps he needs to read Economics for Dummies. Money naturally trickles up the chain, not down. Those who need it most will feel like the pittance this saves them will be a slap in the face compared to the millions the elite few will rake in.

Bye Bye, Ben Mortiboy, and Good Luck

Anyone who is a part of the West Midlands Alternative/Rock/Metal scene has probably heard of popular Birmingham music venue and nightclub Subside. Anybody who has ever set foot in the establishment (in its old premises near the Town Hall or it’s current place in Digbeth) has probably seen, heard and been served by local legend Ben Mortiboy, the manager and bar stalwart who has been the very face of the club for a very long time. Unfortunately, due to health issues Ben is swapping the beer pumps for a desk job, and is having a leaving party at Subside on Saturday 1st October. As a former drinker at the venue, I know how much Ben has poured his life and soul into the venue, values he has placed in his trusted staff, and his replacement. He will be missed for certain. Good luck in your future endeavours.

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