Rest In Peace, Elizabeth Windsor

On the afternoon of Thursday, 8th September 2022, it was announced that Britain’s longest ever reigning Monarch, Queen Elizabeth (II) Windsor has died aged 96.

I want to start off by saying that I am not a Monarchist, hence the use of her proper name in the title. I truly believe the institution is outdated, no longer relevant, and is one soaked in centuries of blood. It is a beacon of dark history that forever taints its existence. Very little of this, however, can be attributed to the modern members of the British Royal Family. Elizabeth, along with her surviving family, have made many attempts over the years to modernise and futureproof the ceremonial institution to keep the Monarchy relevant. Personally, I do not believe this was the right course of action but that is not entirely the fault of the Family.

We must still remember that regardless of opinion, she was still a human being, and in death deserves at least a basic level of respect. I will not partake in National Mourning; she was of no relation nor was I aquainted to her (like most British people), however if I were to pass her coffin, I would lower my hat out of respect. One thing that disappoints me are the minority of my fellow anti-monarchists who are seeking glee in her death, and sharing conspiracies galore before her corpse has even gotten cold. Please, have some decency.

She was a person, who despite her position, was very outwards to the public, and made more informal public appearances than any of her predecessors. You only have to look at her contribution to the London 2012 Olypmpic Opening Ceremony, her tea party with Paddington Bear, the tales and stories of people who have met her when she could have easily stayed uptight and secret behind the Crown. I am not privy to her personal life or her family secrets so I will not speculate on any claims she was a saint or sinner, nor discussing what she should or shouldn’t have done in the wake of any scandals involving her family members. That’s not why I am here, and it is not the time to discuss any of that. Whatever happens, my condolances go to the Windsor Family in their time of grief.

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