Short Takes – August 2022

Once in a blue moon, I’m thinking of writing a “Hot Takes” post whereby I condense some random news stories into a short paragraph, maybe with some links to longer articles. These may be brief statements or comments on contentious or more unnusual news stories.

The Irony of the Right Wing Press

So, RMT and CWU bashers The Daily Express are going so see their Journalists walk out in strike over pay. The very thing they have been hating on. The irony is so funny, it’s painful.

On Yer Bike, Grant!

After poking the fire at the culture war between road users, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has backtracked on proposals for compulsory licence plates and insurance for cyclists. I can hear the Daily Mail readers faint with rage from here. I will, at some point, post my full opinion on this matter along with an environmental piece that is likely to anger them even more.

Stop exploiting creative people’s businesses and livelihoods!

I recently had a post pop up on my Facebook feed that as a former local musician I wholeheartedly agree with. In it, as can be seen from the link below, it flips the whole “Do it for exposure” with an uno reverse, because if you think that the musician’s reply is an unreasonable statement in isolation, then so is the bar’s. Well Done, Americana Music Society.

Something needs to be done to stop review-bombing

Reports claim that the first episode of the new Disney+ series She-Hulk has received a 12% rotten tomatoes score – before it was even released. Mostly mysoginistic under 40s cramming in their vitriolic hatred and over what? Yet another female lead character who is a very capable individual? I am way too far behind on Marvel to watch and review this myself but the trailers were inticing. Yes, some animation was blocky, but ads are provided at much lower resolutions than the shows themselves to save on file size and money. Also, as a woman, she-hulk isn’t veiny, muscular and rough textured like Banner. Get a grip. Surely these kind of sites need to be able to moderate their content to prevent such nonsense.

Andrew ‘Hate’ Tate gets cancelled, finally.

The internet’s most fragile alphamale has been banned from multiple social media sites due to his violent mysoginistic attitude. I feel sorry for any poor woman he has ever coerced into bed with him, because quite frankly the only way it couldn’t be classified as rape is because his lack of performance means it can barely be classified as sex. If his thundercunt of a hill is one he is prepared to die on, can he step into the cage with UFC women’s champion Amanda Nunes (Feather/Bantamweight), Valentina Shevchenko (Flyweight) and Carla Esparza (Strawweight) in a 3v1. Rest In Pieces.

F1 – Domenicali criticized for being right?

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has apparently angered a few people by saying “I don’t see a girl coming into F1 in the next 5 years”; Because such a statement is not good enough. Yes, in an ideal world, we would be able to put the world’s best women racers in F1. However no female driver has had the funding, training, career longevity or the feeder series experience required to build up or to achieve that. The W-Series Tatuus F3 T-318 cars have less horsepower (270) than Formula 3 (380) and F2 (620) requiring greater physical input and control from drivers. Also the 15 FIA Superlicence points available for the winner fall shorter than those of F3 and F2, and well off the minimum required to drive an F1 car in a practice session on a race weekend. There is much to do behind the scenes and in the motorsport pyramid, but get it right, and it will bear fruit soon enough. The work is being done, but for it to have a lasting impact it must build a legacy, something which takes time, otherwise it risks being a gimmick.

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